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With a well-stocked well-being Diabetes Freedom pantry the savvy shopper can easily create quick healthy meals and pack good-for-you lunches.When physicians or healthcare professionals advise people to make changes in their lifestyle and eating habits, people may hear what they say, but putting it into practice can be a different story.

With dietitians in the store, people may know them and already have a cordial relationship.This familiarity can make it easier to seek and take advice on how to make the recommended changes. These dietitians can also lend their expertise by helping shoppers make wholesome choices yet stay within their food budgets. It is often reported that budgeting and healthy eating are incompatible. The fact of the matter is that these constraints require pre-planning, making sure that weekly menu plans are linked, to use ingredients for more than one meal I'm always glad to see my supermarket colleagues; I know they too are carrying the banner for health and well-being.

It's rewarding to know that these grocery aisle ambassadors are helping keep the good health story top-of-mind, especially at a location where everyone is surrounded by food!Not many "fad" diets come along that I would recommend to my clients. The newest craze actually makes a lot of sense to me and I do recommend it to my clients as well as follow it myself... The Paleo Diet also known as the Caveman Diet.This diet is based on what we presume and know from scientific proof about what our caveman ancestors ate.

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