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BIM building information modeling is the process of creating and managing information about a construction site at all stages of its life cycle.
BIM is based on a three-dimensional model, on the basis of which the work of the investor, customer, General designer, operating organization is organized.

The basis of BIM technology is processes and ways of working together with information about the construction site. Processes regulate working with the BIM model, which consists of intelligent objects and parametric relationships. The level of detail of the BIM model is specified for each stage of project development. This allows you to make management decisions with all the necessary information without overloading the model.
The level of complexity of modern tasks leads to the fact that we are on the threshold of the era of BIM design, when a fundamentally new approach to building design is required.

BIM modeling - the history of the emergence and development of conceptual design

Currently, the term "BIM modeling" is widely known among designers, builders and managers. But that wasn't always the case. Let's remember how it all started.
The time when the main tool of an engineer was a pencil is already in the past. The advent of computer-aided design systems has led to an increase in the quality and accuracy of drawings. But at the same time, the fact that to become a qualified specialist, the skills of manual drawing have become insufficient. New knowledge - the ability to work-became necessary.
Today, few people have doubts about the effectiveness of structural engineering companies in comparison with manual design. Computer-aided design technology is already considered classic.
Over time, the classic ones stopped meeting user requirements, which was a prerequisite for the transition to a new technology.: more accurate, more reliable, and more dynamic. To the technology of information modeling BIM.

Why are information modeling technologies an investment in the future?

The BIM methodology is for you if:
• You know how to save money because all material costs correspond to the actual ones. In addition, you will not have to pay too much at the construction stage, since the probability of an error in such a design is minimal.
• You are interested in developing your company. The transition to BIM is about keeping up with the times, reaching a new level of competitiveness.
• You work with state objects. The use of BIM technology in project activities will become mandatory from 2019.
• You are a responsible per former and strive to improve the quality of the project and your productivity.
• You realize that the BIM revolution is inevitable. If you take a step today, you will be closer to becoming a professional tomorrow!
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