With profiles (vocabularies) you get a powerful tool, which will hopefully help you when using LetMeTalk every day. To find out, what is possible with them, please read the article "What are profiles and what can you do with them"?

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1. How do I store the current profiles?

Once you have created a configuration you want to store, just go to "Settings->Store profile", enter a name and the current profile gets stored.

You find a list of the already stored profiles. If you click on one profile, the name apppears in the "save" line. Add a suffix and it will be safed near the existing one.


2. How do I reload an available profile?

Just go to "Settings -> Load profile", touch on the profile you want, and the chosen profile should get loaded.

3. How do I share a profile with other devices or persons?


3.1. Settings

Go to "Settings -> Load profile". You will find a list of the profiles already stored on the device.

Click on the "Share" icon beside the vocabulary you want to share. Now a window with several apps will open. Which apps are shown of course also depends on which apps are installed. Anyway, you should find the bluetooth software, some email software


3.2. Share via Bluetooth

 == How to use it? ==
=== Easy version ===
It is easy. When you created a configuration of categories and images, just go to Settings -> Store profile.
Whenever you want to go back to that configuration, just load it :)
=== Long version ===
When you stored a profile, it is a simple file you can find with a file manager on both, either on the device itself or from a connected computer.
You can find the file in the SDCARD/Android/data/de.appnotize.letmetalk/files/backup/PROFILE_NAME.lmtbackup

You can copy that files to the PC for backup. If you have such profile on you PC, you can connect to other Android devices, such making it available for that device.

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