Of course, the pre installed categories are not enough or maybe you do not need all of them. LetMeTalk is designed to be easy to configurable to suit your needs.

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1. Add new categories

The breakfast is over now and now it is time for personal hygiene.
This category is not included and we show you now, how to add it.
It is like always, press the + (plus) sign in the action bar and the already known popup menu appears. Touch on „Add new category“.


Now a small popup appears where you can add a the name for your new category. Enter „Bathroom“ and touch on OK.

Now you can see that the new category was added to the current category with our name and a default image. We will explain later how to change this default image into one which better described the content of the category.


2. Filling the category

Now let us go in to our new category by just touching on the category image.

It is still empty here, but not for long. We now do it like we did for the fried egg: press the + sign and in the appearing menu click on „Search image“.

The search opens. In the search field please enter „wash“ or your own search word and chose the fitting image.

Touch the fitting image. If it has more then one word or phrase associated with it another menu will open in which you can chose a word.
Of course you can change the image word easily later, just make a long click on the image and chose „rename image“ in the popup menu.

Now the first image for „Bathroom“ is added.

Now you can add any other image like this. There is no upper limit on the number of images per category. You can also add sub categories in a category.
In Tutorial 3 you can learn how to add your own photos or how to add images from the device gallery.


3. Delete images

Oops, we accidently added the same image twice. No problem, this can be corrected easily.

Click on the image you want to delete a bit longer and a popup menu appears. Chose „Delete image“

Now confirm, that indeed you really, really, really want to delete this image. This is  a little assurance so you do not accidently remove images you want to keep.


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