In our first tutorial we set the basics for our breakfast. Congratulations!

While the preconfigured configurations provides you with a good basic vocabulary, it is very likely that you miss one or another word and image for your needs.

To add new vocabulary,you can add images to the categories. You can add either one of the 9000 images coming with LetMeTalk or an image you have on your device.

Again we show your both variants with our breakfast example.

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1.  Add an included image

LetMeTalk ships with over 9000 images from the Arasaac Project, which should cover most of your needs.

Assume we want to eat fried eggs, but there is no image for that in the Food category. Since it is a quite generic word, it is very likely that an image of fired eggs are coming with the app.
Please click on the “+” (plus) sign in the upper bar of the screen. A menu schould appear:



Touch on “Search image” and the search should start. Type “fried” into the search field and wait a short moment to see the search results.

Hint:  with the small icon in the upper right corner you can make the keyboard disappear.

Touch the line with the fired eggs. You should now come back to your category and the the fried eggs are added at the end of it.

Touch the image and the word should be spoken and the image should be added to the sentence bar, just like with the preconfigured images.

2. Add a new photo

Everyone has preferences for food made by certain companies, especially autistic people. To end our breakfast, we want a pudding made by a certain company.
This image is not coming with the LetMeTalk image gallery, but most devices do have a camera build in we can use.
Touch again on the „plus“ icon and the already known menu pops up.

Touch on „new photo“. The camera apps opens and you can take a new photo. If you like the image, click on „save“ and the photo will be added to the current category.

A popup now asks you for the word for the image. Enter "pudding" here.

You can see, that the image is now added to the current category. Touch it and you can see, that it gets added to the sentence bar and the app speaks the word “pudding“. You can use it just every other image.

In the next tutorial we show you, how to add a new category including new images.

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¿Al crear una categoria nueva es posible añadir más de una foto a la vez?...

¿Al crear una categoria nueva es posible añadir más de una foto a la vez? Thanks

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