We created this series of tutorials to make it easier for you to learn the basics of the LetMeTalk app.

After the first start of the app you can see the preconfigured

categories, which are currently optimized for children with autism. This preconfigured categories and images where created by an autistic boy.

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The images from the „general“ category should be the begin of any communication. Touch the image for „general“ to enter this category.


Once you touched an image, this image gets added to the „sentence bar“ and the app says the word connected to the image. In the example „i want“. If you want to hear it again, just touch the PLAY icon in the upper (action) bar.

To add more images from another category, we first need to go back to the main menu. For this you can either press the BACK button on your device (if available), the BACK icon in the lower right of the screen or the category icon in the upper left of the screen (action bar).


In this example we assume it is time for breakfast and for this we touch the image for the category „Food“ to enter that category. Here we touch on the „breakfast“ image and on the images of the food we want to eat.

Now click on the images for the food we want to eat

We also want something to drink. For this we just go back to the main menu, chose the category „Drinks“ and chose the drink of choice. In the example we chose „hot chocolate“.

Now press the PLAY icon so we can now hear the result: „I want breakfast. Bread loaf, butter, cheese, hot chocolate“.

Ready! With this short tutorial you should have learned the easy basic principle of the LetMeTalk application. In the next tutorial we will show you how to use existing images or your own photos.


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