In several situations the parents or teachers do not want that the child or client do accidently change the settings. LetMeTalk allows you to protect the settings with a password.

1. How to setup a password

Just go to the Settings, choose "Enable Password". A windows opens where you can set the password.

After doing so LetMeTalk will ask for a password each time you want to enter the Settings.

2. Is the password really secure?

NO, it is NOT. See the "I forgot my password" section and you will see, that for someone who knows what he is doing it is possible to "hack".

Anyway, in most cases it should be "good enough" :)

3. What to do if I forgot the password?

Sadly we can not offer you an easy way to disable the password, because this would render the whole password thing useless.

On Android you can find the SQLite database file in SDCARD/Android/data/de.appnotize.letmetalk/files folder. Open the file in a software of your choice and read out the password.

On iOS devices the access to the database file is not that easy, but if you can access it, you can do just the same.

If this is too difficult for you, then deinstall/install the app. The password should now be resetted. Please note that all data will be gone too, so you better store your current profile and store it somewhere safe, if possible another device.


Please watch the following screenshots about this feature. They show the Android version, but it is very similar on iOS devices.

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John G. Cockerham Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Suanne Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
We have been using this app on some Kindle Fires and now the app says License has expired?? Can't figure out how to fix it. Disappointing for the students depending on this app.
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