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  3. Sunday, 18 October 2020
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Rotita Coupon Code present in this list which means that WordPress is successfully installed on this domain name now you have to click on this option that you see at the right-hand side logging to admin panel click on that button now you will be redirected to this page your website name / WP - admin and this is the link for your dashboard so whenever you want to come to your dashboard whenever you want to come to this page you have to I type in your website name after that put a forward slash WP - admin now this is a very very important page this dashboard is a very important page because you will be controlling your entire website from this page if you want to change the design of your website you'll do that from here if you want to change the type of your website for example instead of coupon website if you want to create an e-commerce website you can do that from your dashboard you can add some functionality you can delete some functionalities from your website you can add some user delete some user so basically you will be controlling your entire website from this page now whenever you install WordPress for the first

Rotita Promo Code for example post option is to create post media is to manage your media manage your file manage your images then pages option is obviously to create different pages like your about page contact page homepage comment is to manage your comment if you want to delete some comment if you wanna approve some comment you will be doing that from here then after that we have the appearance option now let's understand this click on this appearance you'll see that by default two three themes are already installed for you now what we can do is we can do one thing we can come over here at the top left corner you will see my wordpress or whatever you see now open this link in a new tab basically open your website in a new tab and this is how your website is looking right now okay at present this is how your

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