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You already know that this day is coming, on this day you have to write a terrible class paper.
If you are stressed at this time, you will not write well. Because you do n’t have time to organize your ideas, you never know what to write. At this time you will feel very nervous, and you can hear your heart pounding. So you need to take an urgent decompression method, at least a very simple decompression method.

Even if you use one of the decompression methods, it is very likely that you will not be able to write a good paper in the classroom, and naturally will not impress your professor.

Then what should be done?

The best way is to stay calm before writing a class paper.

The best way to prepare an essay in the class If you are scheduled to write a class essay, your professor may arrange the essay in two ways:1. Your professor may simply tell you that you will write a essay (It does not
provide clues about the content of the paper ).

2. Your professor may give you a list of topics or questions to help you prepare your thesis.

Here I will give you some tips to help you prepare these two types of class papers.
Write an essay in class that does n’t know the subject or the prompt.
If your professor just wants you to complete a class paper on the specified date, then you must do your best to predict what you will write.

There are three strategies to help you predict the problem.

A deep into the heart of the professor

If it is the beginning of the semester, this may be a bit difficult. But if you reach the stage of mid-term examination, you should have a good understanding of your professor.

Of course, it ’s not that you clearly know that the professor wears that silly woolen jacket every Thursday. It ’s equivalent to knowing what the professor looks like, but that you understand some of his teaching habits: you should know what the professor thinks. What types of topics are important and what he might ask you to write.

For example, does he often remind you to review research questions at the end of each chapter? If so, he will most likely give you a hint telling you what type of information to learn.

In the past three weeks, apart from talking about the cause of the Vietnam War, has he done nothing? If so, you can assume that he will ask you to write something about the cause of the war.

2. Review your notes, lecture notes, slides, and text.

Think about the main topics of the information you are studying, and consider the goals of the chapter or module.
Has your professor already given you goals or told you what to learn? (If you do n’t remember, try the syllabus. Course descriptions usually have course goals. All of these can help you predict possible problems.
Three try Predict the types of questions a professor might ask Is
your professor comparing characters in different novels? If so, any type of comparison question can be the best choice for this article.

Does your professor start at each lecture Students are required to link the course content to the current topic or today ’s news? If so, he is likely to ask such questions in the class paper.
Write an article on the subject or prompt in the class.

Learned Articles If your professor gives you a lot of suggestions about thesis study, or even gives you some examples, do n’t think you can stop studying. Because improvisation in class is not a good choice.

Without any practice or preparation, You can't write a successful article. It's like you can get the highest ranking almost the first time you play the game Impossible good writing (and good games) takes practice.
There are three learning strategies you can use to prepare the classroom papers.

A careful examination sample questions
in mind, these are the basic principle of distribution, so make sure You know what you should do. Should you compare, contrast, explain, analyze or argue?

Also, pay attention to details. If your paper is required to include at least three examples, then make sure you include three. If you are specifically asked to avoid certain topics or arguments, then you must avoid them.
Do n’t lose valuable points because you did n’t read the instruction manual!

2. Annotate your text or take notes on another page.

If you are allowed to use your book or notes when writing papers in class, take advantage of this opportunity. Don't be mistaken for thinking that you will have time to find information while you work. Because you need that time to write.
Instead, mark some paragraphs in your book, or write down paragraphs that you may use to explain, cite, or otherwise support your argument.

Even if you ca n’t use these notes in class, the simple way of writing information will help you remember it. Of course, this means that when writing a thesis, you will have a better chance to remember these important things.

3. Try an exercise essay or outline.

If your professor gives you two or three questions and tells you that you must write a question, you can try to write the answer to the question.

If you decide to write a short exercise, do n’t forget to time yourself. This will help you schedule time for actual class writing. If you have 10 possible questions, you may not have the time (or energy) to write 10 paper samples. But you can outline your thoughts for each question.

Even if you cannot use notes in class papers, you will be better prepared to write papers because you will have a clear understanding of what you want to write.

You can also try to review the sample essays on your intended topic to provide you with ideas on how to deal with your thesis.

"That's easy!"

Now don't you think it's easier to write a class paper? A little preparation is a great help to ease the pressure of writing due to time constraints.

If you feel ready now relatively full point, but still is how to arrange a time in the classroom and nervous, then please take a look at "how to write in a time of 45 minutes or less of a time-limited article."
I wish Good luck, take a deep breath and relax!
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