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People from the security company Alkom Security are well known with Vario. He has been a business partner for them for twenty years and they would not change them.

It all started in the mid-1990s. At Alkom, they used accounting software, but as the company grew, they began to lack an order tracking system . " We chose Altus. As one of the few software companies, it was willing to prepare custom modules for us and connect them with standard system elements. To this day, there are not many such companies, ”says Jiří Kocián , head of IT at Alkom.

At that time, Varia promised themselves mainly to simplify the registration of installed alarms. Previously, they had documentation only in paper form. Because of this, she was easily lost and difficult to find.

Better overview of the material
Now, for example , the Warehouse module, which they have been using for seven years , makes their work easier every day . Thanks to the connection with the tailor-made customer module from app making softwares, it is enough to enter an order in Varia and an order with a list of components will be automatically generated in the warehouse.


The warehouse workers immediately know exactly what to prepare, and the technicians just pick up their packages. After the order, the unused components are returned to the warehouse and the warehousekeepers register the parts again. As a result, they have an accurate overview of the material and less is lost.

The end of "gossip"
About two years ago, Alkom ordered an electronic service monitoring module from programmers at Altus .

Now the customer will call the central control room and order service. The operator enters his request in Varia . The system automatically assigns the order to a specific technician and sends him information. Thanks to the connection to the warehouse, Vario sends an order for components and the warehouseman prepares everything. The technician picks up the parts and repairs the equipment at the custom software development . It generates a service record from Varia on the tablet and has it confirmed by the client. The system then completes the price from the correct price list and prepares the invoice.

" Automatic invoicing has made our work much easier. The technician no longer has to think about how much to mark for transport and what discounts the client is entitled to. This is useful because we have about twenty different price lists. For example, someone uses a flat rate in which they have a certain number of hours. If he overpowers them, Vario will warn us, ”Kocián describes.

For the company, the introduction of the new module had several benefits. Its management has an overview of whether people are reporting their hours correctly, and thanks to centralized ordering via Vario, the number of "gossip" has decreased.

In the past, customers often ordered service directly from a technician and the company did not find out about it. " After switching to a new way of registering services, their number increased by 10 percent ," notes Kocián.


Good programmer over gold
People at Alkom na Variu also enjoy simple operation, well-functioning customer support and a stable team of programmers. "We have a lot of things to do and they already know them. If dedicated developers changed as often as in some other companies, it would be a big waste of time for us. We would always have to explain the specifics of our system to them again, ”says the head of IT.

Security specialists from Alkom plan to stay with Varia in the future and are considering expanding the service module. " Due to the stability of the company and the constant development, I also recommend Altus Vario to other companies, " concludes Kocián.

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