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First of all: thank you for this great app! I'm a father of 4 years old girl with aphasia and this app is the best alternative for expensive commercial applications. Your work makes the world a really better place :).

I have idea, to create an option per category called "say this category name in sentencebar". I know there is already option "speak category name", but it works only when entering to category.

This can be really useful for languages with difficult grammar, like Polish.

Let me explain this better on example:
We have nested category tree like this:

[Category] Food
- Bread
- Cake
- Banana
- [Subcategory] I want sandwich with <-- we enable option "speak category name in sentencebar" for this one
- Ham
- Cheese
- Tomato

Now after entering Food --> I want sandwich with --> select "Ham", select "Cheese" in sentencebar we have the result:
I want sandwich with ham cheese

You know what I mean? For now only workaround for this is to create category tree like this:
[Category] ]Food
- Bread
- Cake
- Banana
- [Subcategory] I want sandwich with
- I want sandwich with Ham
- I want sandwich with Cheese
- I want sandwich with Tomato

But it's less clear and additionally in sentencebar we have:
I want sandwich with ham I want sandwich with cheese
So it also makes less sense.

That's it :). Let me know if something needs additional explanation. I have also ideas for smaller improvements like:
- fullscreen
- keep screen on for x minutes

But it's not so important as first one. Let me know what you think.
And by the way: I can make complete Polish translation if you want, if you send me language files. For free and with pleasure of course :)
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I understand why you stick around. Hopefully you can break free and allow yourself to find happiness.
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