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Established in 2021, National Puppy Day is an annual paw-worthy celebration for pet lovers to show unconditional love and adorn the unshakeable cuteness of their beloved fur balls who bring so much joy to this world. This is also the perfect opportunity to say "Thank You" to our canine friends with a Puppy Birthday Gift. Whether your furry friend is one-year-old or ten, there's a gift basket that's just right for the occasion. What day is national puppy day? Here are some of the most popular options when it comes to celebrating this important day with our pets.


It's easy to think that National Puppy Day celebrates only the purebred toy puppies we see in the ads. However, the truth is that puppies that come from puppy mills and other unethical breeding environments suffer more than other dog breeds. Puppy mills are barbaric facilities where dogs are treated like virtual livestock. Dogs are bred like animals and sent from one family member to another as if they were children. Because puppies brought into the puppy mills are usually bred for profit, they lack the emotional skills and health issues that would be expected of a purebred puppy.

History of National Puppy Day

The good news is that you don't have to let the sad realities of puppy mills stop you from celebrating National Puppy Day. There are plenty of options on the web to help you celebrate this special day with your best friend. Browse through photos of adorable little fur babies and admire the sparkle in their eyes as they play with their favorite toys. You'll find adorable doggies dressed up in their latest fashion at local dog shows, impressing the judges with their cutest outfits. Best of all, because National Puppy Day falls on a Saturday, you can join the rest of the nation in a nationwide dog show to celebrate this important day dedicated to dogs.

What would happen if you could not attend a dog show? Would you still be able to celebrate National Puppy Day? Perhaps you're afraid that online searches for dogs would turn up websites devoted to breeding dogs and selling puppies. You might even think that buying a puppy is out of the question. However, the fact is that there are great places to buy high-quality dogs from and many places where you can buy puppies that will fit into your lifestyle and provide years of love and companionship.

International Puppy Day

If you want to buy a pup but aren't quite ready to make the leap, you may want to consider getting a puppy from shutter-stock. Shutter-stock offers an assortment of doggies including pups for sale, mutts, mini pinschers, and other cute breeds. Even though most of the dogs that shutter-stock sells are purebreds, they are still adorable. A favourite among shutter-stock customers are the pups dressed up in designer outfits. A cute poodle for example, dressed up in a chic jacket and fashionable boots looks absolutely adorable on its own.

If you are looking for a new toy for the family and/or a great way to get exercise, a puppy is a great option. It's easy to walk and very rewarding when your pooch learns to walk on its own. Some dogs need obedience training in order to be trained to be controlled in public areas, but others have no behaviour issues and are perfectly content living inside the home. When you decide to buy a puppy or kitten, take into account whether you live in an apartment, near busy roads and parks, etc. You also want to consider the cost and if any veterinary expenses will come along to bring the pup home.

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