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Designer Double Bed with Headboard
Once beds were the interior of palaces or rich houses of the nobility, and in more ancient times in the middle ages, one large bed served as a night shelter for the whole family and servants at the same time. The mongrels slept on mattresses, chests, on the stove, on the floor.
Today, a bed is an indispensable attribute of every bedroom, and lovers of luxury and bliss allow themselves unusual models, which include a bed with a soft headboard.
Of course, the soft headboard serves not only for interior decoration, but also for practical use. Among its functional features are the following. This is an opportunity not to burden the bed with a large number of decorative pillows. For those who are used to sleeping with their hands folded "over their head", it will be nice not to run into a cold wall or a hard headboard. Of course, the headboard upholstered in a certain way serves as a decorative element.
The Orion designer double bed with headboard is part of the Orion Bedroom born from a collaboration Ekaterina Elizarova and an Italian luxury furniture brand, Capital Collection https://elizarova.com/product/orion-designer-double-bed-w-headboards
If you make a bed to order, take textiles for headboard upholstery with a reserve in order to use it for other bedroom decor elements. Maybe it will be a cover for a chair, a pouf or a decorative pillow for a bench. For the safety of the headboard, you can order a cover that you will wear during trips and vacations in the country. Velvet, velour and other textiles collect dust, so you will have to clean the headboard regularly. The skin and eco-skin can be wiped with a soft, damp cloth or sponge,or with a special cloth.

The closed frame, decorated in the same style as the headboard, looks more presentable. But in order to clean the floor under such a bed, it will have to be moved away. If it is intended for a person (people) who is prone to allergies, it makes sense to think about it. It is better to look for a model with leather upholstery and legs.
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