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The process of designing a common building involves a long-term cooperation between the architect and the investor. In the course of this collaboration, the frame, the type and size of the building, as well as the materials required for the construction are determined. The architect also defines the initial system assumptions for the entire building - for example, he indicates the location of the boiler room, radiators, ventilation spaces, shafts and chimneys. Designers of entire buildings, who subsequently receive building plans, sometimes have difficulty with the fixed elements introduced by the architects.

These elements are, in most cases, a source of confusion arising from the incorrect delineation of the space required for different sectors (construction, plumbing, heating / ventilation and electricity).

In the final design phase, the designers decide if the area or height of the technical rooms interferes with the correct positioning of the equipment - for example, sometimes the pipeline causes a collision between the pipeline and the equipment. This collision creates serious problems as a result of changes in the original architectural plans.

The building design process can be more efficient if the 3D model of the building is created in collaboration with designers from the beginning. Through collaboration from the outset, the designers (together with the architect) can determine the correct location of the staircase, cabling, or the location of the system equipment. With this solution, designs can be developed faster, better and more efficiently. Of course, accurate information is very important for the investor in the decision-making and communication process regarding the proposed object.

BIM technology
BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a concept currently under discussion that deals with 3D modeling of building data. The model consists of three-dimensional elements of an object with predefined parameters. We can model anything - building structure or piping, including accessories such as electrical accessories or vents. In order to bring the model as close as possible to reality, it is necessary to highlight the main parts and describe their properties. For example, a window includes not only dimensions, but also the material of manufacture, price, insulation coefficient, light transmittance index, and various references regarding the location of the heat source in the room. All virtual objects created using BIM technology must be a digital prototype of reality with all specified parameters.

Benefits of BIM technology

When using BIM technology, 3D models can be used for calculations, modeling, analysis and / or reports by various specialists (such as, for example, Karnoenergy https://karnoenergy.com/structural-engineering/ ) , which allows you to check the possible consequences of changes. An example of such consequences can be a violation of the thermal insulation of a building, when we can find out what effect the replacement of double-glazed windows with triple and 20% more will have. Thanks to BIM, we learn the difference between the cost of materials and work, the creation of a work plan, the heating of the entire building, etc. Another advantage is the improvement of production cooperation. Anyone who participates in one digital model can see all the changes and progress of other design groups.
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