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Rocket League. Oh, Rocket League. Football, with cars. It’s a game people can’t stop playing, but it’s also a game a lot of people suck at. So here are some beginner’s tips which might help you suck a little less.

They key to getting better at Rocket League (at least until you get real good, and can master walls and flying) is to realise that, yes, even though there are cars, this is still at its heart a game of football. The Beautiful Game. If you know the fundamentals of actual football, you’ll be in a better position to master the fundamentals of Rocket League, because they’re often the same. Plus, with our Rocket League Tips and Tricks guide, you can easily catch up with the competition.

Rocket League Tips

Rocket League might look like your everyday casual game. However, there is a lot more to the game than just jumping and driving around. It is one of the more competitive games of the current age. Plus, with the developers adding in matchmaking and other ranked game modes, Rocket League has become a lot more serious than what it used to be a couple of years ago.

The fact is that you can get into the game without any prior practice or training. So, if you are new to the game, we advise you to follow or at least read up on the Rocket League tips mentioned below. As there is no harm in being prepared for the mayhem that is in store for you.

Training is a Must

In any game, training and practice is a must. And Rocket League is no exception. Apart from the core driving mechanics – the game features other elements that include jumping, scoring, wall climbing- are quite difficult to master. Since these elements are essential for winning, it is highly recommended you give the in-game practice and training session a run before you get into the actual multiplayer part of the game. This is one Rocket League tip, every player should follow.

Learn Shots

Back in the day when Rocket League was initially released, the game offered a limited number of gameplay options for the players. However, now that the game has become one of the most popular games of the current generation, the developers have added in support for players to train and practice. Plus, with the in-game training’s vast range of options, you can practice everything from the aerial ability to taking shots. Hence, if you wish to become an absolute beast in the game, we advise you practice and master all of the in-game training options. Rocket League tips like these are essential to get better.

Camera Settings

Adjusting the camera settings for Rocket League might not seem very important at first. Not many players know about this pro tip. A slight change in camera settings can make a major impact in the game which can allow you to expand your field of view.

If you wish to get an added advantage over your opponents, we would advise you to keep these settings:

Camera Shake: Off

Motion Blur: Off

Field of View: 110 (90 Default)

Camera Distance: 350 (330 Default)

These are just some of the camera settings you can tweak to improve your game. However, since these are unconventional – and we advise you to practice with these changes – as getting used to them takes time. Furthermore, if you wish to go above and beyond with the settings, we would recommend you to check the camera settings, the professional players tend to use.

Adapt to Situations

Rocket League might look like a casual game. However, there is more to the game. To win a game of Rocket League, you need to be quick and strategic. Plus, when playing with random players, always remember to adapt to situations. Every match, every game mode is different. Hence, you cannot follow a specific style of play.

When playing with other players, first you have to see what positions the others are playing, and then adjust to the one which is left out. For instance, if you are playing a 3v3 match and are matched with two players who are playing forward, you have to play defensive or even become the goalie. So, to win matches and get better at the game, it is recommended you become diverse in your style of play. Be flexible and adapt.

Defense is Key

If you have ever seen or played sports, you would have probably heard the term “Attack is the best defense.” Well, this is absolutely true when it comes to a game like Rocket League. If you plan on winning game after game, it is essential that you practice playing as a defender or more importantly, as a goalie.

This is because, at the end of the day, everyone can score goals. But saving them is the skill you need to master. You can head on over to the training and practice saving different shots. Talking about saving goals, another pro tip for you is to always go for clearing the ball rather than boost. All in all, being defensive is key to winning games. This is the best Rocket League tip we can give you.

No Need for Awesome Goals

We all have this innate desire to score amazing goals; however, when it comes to Rocket League, we would advise you not to take the risk. Though, scoring such goals come with bragging rights, winning is more important. Hence, we would advise you to make the most of any chances you get. Score goals first, and if and when you are winning, then go for breathtaking goals.

Vehicles Aren’t Just Cosmetic Items

Rocket League comes packed with quite a massive roster of vehicles, ranging from sports cars to trucks. You might think that these cars are only there for cosmetic reasons, but that is not the case. The cars available in the game have different hitboxes, turning speeds and boosting abilities.

Hence, with each car – you pick to play – you will have to come up with a different strategy. Therefore, it is advised to check out different vehicles and see which one you are most comfortable with. This is one Rocket League tip, no player would ever tell you.

These are just a few of the ways, do’s, and don’t you can implement in your next game. If you have trouble completing certain modes or challenges, you can come to https://www.igvault.com/Rocket-League-Items for boosting services. If you wanna Buy Rocket League Items , Keys and Crates to help you level up fast, it is highly recommended to Rocket League Trading from a reliable store. Here you can choose from a bunch of professional game masters of in-demanded games to play the game and help you rank up fast. have fun!
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