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  3. Friday, 31 July 2020
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Have you ever when offering a product or service gets a scolding from someone?


Facts like this many of us have encountered on the internet, instead of being fortunate instead they turned stumped. There are so many losses that we will get if we do so, including:

1. Getting Scolding

Events like this can usually be found on SPAM type email marketing, if you don't know the difference between polite and disrespectful email marketing, you can read my ebook on ebook marketing as on the right side of this website.

Some email marketing that can be categorized as SPAM is sending emails to people we don't know and they don't ask for them, bombarding messages using certain software that can be sent to many people at once without personalization, etc.

People who get this kind of email will usually become upset, not yet familiar, how come suddenly offering just like that, especially before not familiar with the email BOM.

It could be that they are upset and reply to the email with replies that are not pleasant to hear, it could even report the act to the email service provider which resulted in account deactivation.

If you don't want to experience this, but want to use email marketing advertising channels, it is better to use opt in mail by using an Autoresponder . Moreover, today's Autoresponder prices are fairly cheap, its features are complete by not leaving the quality as I have used so far.

2. Product Not Selling

The second impact besides getting scolded is the lack of products we market.

Your product deals with how to become a successful Blogpreneur , but you advertise the product in a forum for mothers who talk about pregnancy.

Who wants to buy if the ads we offer aren't on target (not targeted).

For this reason, you should avoid advertising in places that are not in place. One of the best ways to advertise so that our ads are right on target is to use SEO techniques by becoming the TOP 10 Google market that we aim at.

3. Small Sales Percentage

Okay, I can't deny the product you are advertising is still selling even if you advertise carelessly. But keep in mind, it's a small percentage compared to you advertising in the right place.

4. Fall of credibility

What happens if we lose credibility, it will definitely be very difficult for us to sell on the internet. Moreover, businesses on the internet do not recognize face-to-face in every transaction, then the principle of credibility is at stake.

In this sense, I think personal credibility has a broad meaning, including: our ethics in every transaction, professionalism in service, skills in the products we market, the way we talk, trust, responsibility, and the way we advertise.

Because when the credibility falls, the impact will be a long one that ends up decreasing profits and loss of income.

Hopefully we avoid this and it would be nice to use good, right and appropriate ways in advertising. If we obey all the above factors, we will undoubtedly also impact on what we desire. Amen ...

Originally written by Billie Graves from VeePN.
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