In most cases the LetMeTalk should "just work", but in some case the app stay silent. In this tutorial we will provice some help to get it work in case of problems.

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1. How do I find the Settings

In this article we will very often say you should go to the iOS Settings or the LetMeTalk settings. Here is how you reach both.

1.1. iOS Settings

Press the "Home" button and start the Settings app

1.2. LetMeTalk Settings

Start LetMeTalk. In the lower left corner you will find an icon which is typically used for settings. Click it and in the appearing menu click on "Settings".

2. What to check first?

2.1. Is "voice enabled" enabled?

Make sure you enabled Voice on LetMeTalk. Voice is enabled by default but might be accidently disabled!

Go to the LetMeTalk Settings and make sure that the switch for "Enable voice" is switch to ON (Green).

2.2. "Mute Button" on the device

iOS devices have a "Mute" button. On our test devices it is on the right side nearby the volume buttons. Try both settings with LetMeTalk.

This sounds very simple but in the past this was the main reason for the "No Voice" problem for LetMeTalk on iOS.

2.3. Volume too low

Make sure that the volume is not set to mute but to a level which you can hear. Press the Volume buttons until you get the volume you want.

2.4. Your Language might not be supported?

If you are using a language which is not spoken by too many people, it might not be supported by iOS.

As a check switch LetMeTalk to English and let it speak. If it works now but not in your language, your language is most likely not supported by iOS. if it sill does not speak, the problem lies somewhere else!

2.5. Change Language

In case LetMeTalk starts with the wrong language, just change it. Go to the LetMeTalk Settings, "Choose Language" and click on the language you want.

If your language is not listed here, we do not support it yet. If you want to translate LetMeTalk to your language, just Contact us and we will send you the informations needed. Please note that it is quite some work, but it was done before and is doable.

2.6. Not enough Space?

If you are low on disc memory, removing other data might help! It was reported, that some people got the speech engine running after deleting some other apps and data.

3. What languages have voice support?

We use the voice engine shipped with iOS and such we depend on the voices shipped with the iOS version installed on your device. The supported languages might differ from one iOS version to another. Below I wrote the languages and accents supported by iOS9.2, which is the latest iOS version by the time of writing. The bold languages are supported by LetMeTalk, the others are not (yet).

3.1. Supported Voices on iOS

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Chinese (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong (Cantonese))



German (Germany)


English (Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, USA, Spain, Mexico)


French (France, Canada)








Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands)



Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)




Spanish (Spain, Mexico)






4. Voice is too slow or too fast

You can change the speed of the voice in the LetMeTalk Settings "Change Speed rate". Try which speed is best for your client.

5. Wrong accent

Several languages differ in the way they are spoken dependend from the place. For example Spanish is spoken different in Spain or the US, English is spoken different in the US, the UK, India or Australia. You can find a list of supported languages and accents in "What languages have voice support?"

Please choose the right language in the LetMeTalk settings and set the right "Region" in the iOS Settings.

You can find the "Region" setting in the iOS Settings App: "General" -> "Language & Region" -> "Region"

5.1. Cantonese

We now directly support cantonese. Please select cantonese in the language menu.

The cantonese suport is not perfect now (most words are still in simplified style), but we are working on it. The voice output should be in Cantonese right now.

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