LetMeTalk is available in many language. Anyway, if YOUR language is not supported you might ask yourself, how to change this. This article will describe how much work is involved into

1. Can I translate LetMeTalk to my language?

Yes, you can.

Ask us and we will send you 4 files for translating. Send them back to us and we will incorporate your language to LetMeTalk. With one of the next updates LetMeTalk will support your language.

2. How much work is involved?

The major part of the work is translating the 9000+ images we ship with LetMeTalk. It is quite a lot, but it is doable as shown in the past. The other files are rather small and should be quite fast to do.

What are the advantages to have a "full" translation of LetMeTalk compared with manually translating the images?

With full language support we mean that people can use the search and find the words in their own language and that the translator functionality works (when doing a profile with shipped image, you can easily change the language to any other supported language).
A lot of people (especially young kids) can only speak their own language and if LetMeTalk does not support it, they can not use LetMeTalk. A LetMeTalk supporting their own language could used by much more people more easily.

Please note that one of the main target user groups of LetMeTalk are young kids, and it is very likely that they only know their own language and without translation they could not use it.

We would like to support as much languages as possible to make it easier to use for as many potential users worldwide as possible :)

3. What do I have to do?

Contact us!

Contact us. Please send us a message on our Contact page.

Please also include your email adress in the message. Our ticket system sometimes filters the attached files and without knowing your email adress it is impossible for us to send you the needed files.

Write us, which language you want to translate LetMeTalk to. Maybe someone else is already working on your language and you could team up?

4. Which files do I get?

You get 4 files, one Textfile and 3 Excel files. You should be able to open the Excel files with all major spreadsheet software like Excel, Open/Libre Office, Numbers or one of the others.

In the Excel files add a column for your language and fill it with the translation.
A tip: use english as "master" language, hide all other languages, so you only see english and your column.
This makes it easier, because you can fill out your column without scrolling.

4.1. startPageAndAppStore.txt


This is the text for the Appstores and for the LetMeTalk.info website. This is what most potential users see first.
It describes the app and tries to make users interested.
It contains a list of illnesses and it is important that these are translated correctly.

The other files are Excel Files. Add a column for your language and fill it with the translation.
A tip: use english as "master" language, hide all other languages, so you only see english and your column.
This makes it easier, because you can fill out your column without scrolling.

4.2. userCategoriesTranslations

This is a list of the categories shipped in the default profile.
This means that when a user starts the app the first time, he sees the categories in your language and feels "right home".
If you are not sure, just look at the app and look what is in the category before you translate.

4.3. translations

Here you put in the translation for the User Interface of LetMeTalk, the dialogs, the messages, the menus and so on.

4.4. imageTranslations

Here is where most of the work goes in. This are the translations for the over 9000 images we ship with.
If these words are translated the user can search in this language and if you have a profile made with the shipping images the translator function works (switching from one language to another also changes the text below the icons)
Some image have more then one word. In this case the different meanings are separated by a semi colon ";". You must make sure that you translate each meaning and also store them in your column in the same order as you have it in english.

5. Will everything work?

Sadly not. For voice support we need the rest of the device system to help us. We use the activated speech engine on the system and this one need to support your language.

In iOS (iPhone, iPad) this means you can only can get voice in a language if Apple ships the device with a voice for this language.

In Android it is possible to include different speech engines, which means you can get support even if your language is not supported by Google. Look at our Android Voices page for speech engines. Especially the eSpeak engine supports a lot of languages :)

6. I have more questions!

Feel free to ask when contacting us. We will answer your questions as good as possible.

7. Now Start!

Contact us and help us to help you and others speaking your language :)



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Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys
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