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We are a small freelance developer team and enjoy helping speech impaired people to communicate more easily. However we need your help to further develop LetMeTalk.


LetMeTalk assists autistic, aphasic and other speech impaired people to communicate with their families, friends and buddies all over the world.

Mother of Autistic child: Loved how easy it was to change and make it her own voice.

Kimberly Peerman

Wonderful! This is great for people who have trouble communicating. Especially young children who might not be able to read or write.

Jennifer Green

Thank you, 10x: I'm an Speech-language pathologist (SLP) in charge of AT/AAC for my district... this app is F-ing great... as in Free, Functional and Fantastic.

James Willis

This is a fantastic app for my mother that suffered a stroke and can no longer talk. I love the ease of adding new folders and words. This is an outstanding app for someone that cannot communicate. I love it, Thank you so much.

Jim Trayer

Awesome Works great! And free? Thank you for not taking advantage of the disabled.

Brett Fitzner

The best and simple to adapt to the needs of, in this case my son. A great recognition for its developers, thanks!

Mateo Berdum

Terms of use: Photo: "Autism" by hepingting, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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