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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Please check here, if your questions is already answered!

The Development of LetMeTalk is currently entirely financed by donations. If you like the app and it helps you, please give back by sending a donation to us :)

Is LetMeTalk free?
Yes! LetMeTalk is free and will always stay free of charge and free of advertising.

We are always happy if you can help us developing the LetMeTalk App with a small donation!

How can I support LetMeTalk project?
Promote the App
Tell your friends who might need this app, share it on your social networks, add a link to this page on your website or blog, write an article for a newspaper / website about LetMeTalk, create a Website about LetMeTalk.

In the LetMeTalk you can find a "share" function to easily share LetMeTalk with others.

Help with translation
We are only a small team and do not know every language on this planet. Why not help us to bring the app into your language?

If your language is not supported yet, you can help us and the potential users in your region :)

We have to differ between different parts. One is the Text in the AppStores (currently about 2000 letters), one is the names of preconfigured categories (about 12 words), one is the User interface (menus, dialogs... about 150 phrases) and of course the images (about 9000 images).

If you can and want to do this, it would be helpful. Please contact us under donation page.


Which Plattforms are supported by LetMeTalk?
We currently support Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone). For Android LetMeTalk is available on the Google PlayStore and the Amazon App Store.

Will there be a version for Windows (Phone, Mobile)?
Yes. We will very likely support Windows10 Mobile with a port of our Android app, if this is possible. For this we depend on Microsoft to ship again the AndroidBridge for Windows10 (mobile), and this does work with Xamarin.

We do not know when the AndroidBridge will be released and if it is usable.

Where can I download the app?
You can download the LetMeTalk app free from the supported app stores. We currently support  the following AppStores:

Google PlayStore (most Android devices)

Amazon AppStore (Kindle Fire HD, other Android devices with installed Amazon Store)

Apple AppStore (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


LetMeTalk might also be available on other smaller Android App Stores, but we do NOT officially support them and can not assure you that the packages are free of malware!

Download Problems in Google Play
"Device is not compatible" and "App can not be found" problem
Since a while we get reports, that on some devices it is impossible to download LetMeTalk. It is not found when searched on that device and if one follows a direct link the shop pretends that the app is not compatible to that device.

To solve this problem, please open the Playstore app, go to "my apps" and Update everything possible. Then restart the Playstore app (or the whole device) and try again. It should work now!

For more, please see http://letmetalk.info/blog/85-android-solution-for-the-device-not-compatible-problem-with-the-google-playstore.html

Download in China
As we know the Google PlayStore is not available in China.

Anyway, the Amazon Appstore for Android is officially supported by us (means you get the updates just as fast as with Google) and is available in China. You can download the Amazon Appstore APK here. Just follow the informations and find LetMeTalk via the Search in the AppStore software.

There should be no problem at all to Download LetMeTalk with Apple iPhone or iPad in China.

Can I use / download the pictographic symbols?
Yes, you can download the original graphic files in several languages in very high quality from the arasaac.org website.

Please notice that the pictographic symbols are a property of CATEDU under the Creative Common's License / Non commercial. Fore more information have a look on CATEDU's terms of use.

In the current Android Versions you can also "send" the images of the given sentence other applications like Google Drive and store or print the images.

Voice Support (Android)
Why is there no voice?
Please take a look in at our Troubleshooting tutorial!

Why has the voice in my language a bad quality?
If you do not have downloaded a voice datafile for your language, the Text2Speech engine might try to download a low quality version of the spoken words from the internet.

Therefore please make sure, you download a voice for the language you want to use. You can do so in the app under

Settings -> Language Settings -> Download additional voice files

Why would I want to use a different speech engine?
Every Text2Speech engine only supports a limited number of languages. If you want to use a different language then those supported by your installed speech engine, you might be lucky with a different speech engine.

Please look at our tutorials which speech engine supports which languages.

Another reason might be the sound quality. While the google speech engine is probably "good enough" for most users, commercial voices like SVOX or Ivona might sound more natural.

Please note that some speech engines are server based (read: they permanently download the voice files from the internet) and such they might cause data traffic.


I want to use the Google Speech engine, but it is not installed!
The Google Text to Speech engine has a pretty good sound quality and supports quite a lot of languages. If your device supports the Google Playstore, but the device comes only with a different Speech engine (e.g. some Samsung devices) it is easy to switch to the Google Speech Engine.

  • Install the Google Text to Speech app from the Google PlayStore
  • Go to Android -> Settings -> Language&Input -> Text-to-speech output.
  • Activate the Google Text-to-speech engine
  • touch the "Settings" button beside the Google speech engine
  • Go to "install voice data" and install the languages you might want to use. If you have a choice and enough space, choose the HQ version for a more natural voice
  • Go back and then into "Language" and chose the voice you want to use


How do I change the speech engine?
Go to "Settings" -> "Language & Input" -> "Text-to-speech output" -> "Preferered Engine".

Here should all installed speech engines be listet. Chose the wanted speech engine here. This speech engine is the one used by LetMeTalk!


Profiles / Backups
Will the data be deleted when I uninstall the app?
Yes, the data will be automaticly deleted if you uninstall the app! If you want to use your configuration later, please make a backup BEFORE uninstalling the app and store it somewhere safe!

Is it possible to do a backup?
Doing a backup and sharing your Categories and images with others is easy.

We call these backups "profiles".

Please go to "Settings -> Store Profile" and save the current profile. With "Load profile" you can now load it again http://www.letmetalk.info/media/kunena/emoticons/smile.png

If you do "Load Profile" you also find beside each profile a "Share" button. With this you can share the profile via bluetooth, email, google drive or whatever else you have installed on your devices.
On the other device you now just load that profile... with click on the attachment of the email, or in a filemanager or visit the same Google Drive account (maybe one open to your clients?)

The App stores the profiles in SDCARD/Android/data/de.appnotize.letmetalk/files/backup. Please make sure they are stored somewhere else before you uninstall the app. Otherwise they are getting removed when uninstalling the app!!

Can I use the same configuration on more then one device?
Yes. Just make a profile and transfer it on the other device. Please look at the question "Is it possible to do a backup?" for more informations.

The profiles are plattform independend, so for example you can create a profile on Android and use it on an iPad/iPhone or vice versa.



  • Android 4.0 or better
  • 330Mbyte
  • Access to Google PlayStore or the Amazon AppStore (can be downloaded)

Device capable of running iOS8, with iOS8 installed


  • 512MByte of RAM, or better 1GB (the more, the better)
  • Dual Core (the more and the faster the cores, the better)
  • high density display (pics look better)
  • Android 4.1+

For your information: the app works "OK" on a 2010 Nexus S with only 330Mbyte RAM and a slow (ARM A8) Single core processor with 1GHz and Android 4.1. It works great on a Nexus7 (2013) or a Nexus4 (2012).

iOS9 or higher


Which permissions are needed by LetMeTalk and why?

we need to access the Internet for download the initial data package and for donations via inApp purchases


needed for donations via "inApp purchases"


needed, so you can take photos from within the app


we store the data files on the SD-card if available.

Why is the app rated "low maturaty" and can I give it to my young kid?
We wanted to deliver a lot of images to make life for the users as easy as possible.

With some phantasy some of the images about controversies might be seen as "depicted violence" or pictures about illnesses or body parts as "depicted nudity". Therefore we decided to rate the app "low maturaty" instead of "for all"

However, LetMeTalk is intended to be configured by parents or guides. If you do not chose such images and disable the "Enable modifications" option in the settings, you kid will probably never see them. The preloaded categories do not come with such images. So we do not really see a problem with using the app for a young kid!

Do I need an Internet connection for using the app?
No. After installing the data package the internet is not needed for using the app. The app is designed in a way that all essential functionality works fine without internet connection!

Anyway: if the app crashes often for you, please update to the latest version. If it still crashes please start the app when you have internet, so the crashreports are send to us and we will try to fix them as soon as possible.

What are you using the internet for?

  • download the data package once after the installation
  • send crash reports once the app crashes (helps us to fix such crashes)
  • if you donate money or visit websites
  • if you send the sentence via a messenger, it might use the internet

What costs can arise when using LetMeTalk?
The app is for free, but there are some ways to spend money on it:

  • you cause data transfers (e.g. the data package) on an internet connection without flat rate
  • you purchase a commercial voice
  • you make a donation (thanks in advance)
  • you use a speech engine which downloads the spoken words from a server on a device without flat rate

When I want to donate via Google Playstore, I get the message "Error processing purchase. [BM-CCH-17]"
Your account is not verified by Google and such you are not able to do a purchase in the Google PlayStore.

Please go to https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2651409 and learn about "2-step verification"


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