We are proud, happy and grateful to announce, that we reached the "50.000 downloads" badge on the Google PlayStore, showing that we are one of the leading apps in the Android AAC area.
Thank you all for using LetMeTalk, supporting us with donations, good reviews and suggesting it to others in need.

1. Where are our users?

With together around 40% most of our users are coming from the USA and our homeland Germany. Then we have some west european countries with Italy, France, Spain and the UK, followed by the south american Brazil.
We also get Emails from all over the world, showing that it was a good idea to bring a lot of languages to LetMeTalk, making it possible to use it world wide.

2. What will the future bring to LetMeTalk?

When we have time beside commercial projects (we also have to pay our bills) we will further improve the LetMeTalk with new features, languages and Bug fixes.
The next thing will be a smaller Android release, followed by one or two large feature releases which will reduce the feature gap between LetMeTalk for Android and iOS. The iOS releases will be the releases you had to wait for quite some time now and we expect it will be worth the wait :)



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