In the past months some users had problems to install LetMeTalk for Android, because LetMeTalk was not visible in the PlayStore. If one enters the link directly the PlayStore says, that the "device is not compatible" for the app.

In this article we describe, how to solve that problem and install LetMeTalk.

1. The Symptoms

When someone on an Android device searches for LetMeTalk in the Google PlayStore, it won't be found.

If someone follows a direkt link to the PlayStore (for example the ones on LetMeTalk.info) the PlayStore says that the app is not compatible with that device.

This also happens with very new devices with that should run the app with ease and which comply with the minimal requirements (Android 4.0.3+, 512MByte RAM).

The problem only occurs with the Google PlayStore. Other stores (currently only the Amazon App Store) have no problems to install the app on the same device.

2. What to do?

Open the Google PlayStore (the App Store on most Android devices). Update everything offered, especially everything from Google.

Once this is done, restart the PlayStore and try to install LetMeTalk. It should work now!

3. Why does it happen?

For a long time the maximum file size in the Google PlayStore was set to 50MByte, which made it impossible for us to ship the full LetMeTalk via the store and made it neccessary to make an extra download of the image data after the app was installed. This extra download was very annoying and cause several problems over the years!

In Oktober Google increased the maximum package size to 100MByte, which enabled us to ship everything in one APK file and provide a much better "first use" experience (the app just starts instead of asking to download even more).

Anyway, it seems that for accepting the new 100MByte limit you also need a new Google PlayStore (and maybe Google Play Services) software on your device. The old Playstore app sees the too large App size and thinks this app is not compatible. After an update of the software everything just works.



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