External buttons can help people, who do not only have problems to speak but also do have limited motoric functionality, so they have difficulties to use the large touch screen or choose the right pictogram. With such a button, LetMeTalk can be used, even if someone is only able to use one finger.

In this article we describe how to use external buttons or keyboards with LetMeTalk on iOS, which runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod. A similar article for Android can be found here.

We are happy to announce that you can now download LetMeTalks iOS version 1.3.20 from the Apple AppStore.

Now you can enable words in the SentenceBar and use Cantonese voice for talking.

We just released LetMeTalk 1.3.19 for Android.

LetMeTalk now supports text within the sentencebar, Kantonese and because of some optimizations we managed to bring down the download size by some megabytes!


We just released version 1.3.18 of LetMeTalk for Android.

Changes compared to version 1.3.16:

  • Bugfix: in version 1.3.16 some users could not see the Arasaac images (only gray boxes). This should be fixed now!
  • some crasher bugs were fixed

LetMeTalk is already available in 17 different languages. But what can you do, if YOUR language is not supported yet?

One of the biggest strengths of LetMeTalk is the possibility to transfer Profiles easily from one device to another.
This articles explains how to transfer an existing profile (for example created on an Android device) to an iPhone / iPad device

We expect that you already have the profiles stored on your PC. To transfer the files we are using iTunes on MacOS, but we expect that on Windows it works pretty much the same!

For a while the Blackberry ships the new Blackberry OS version 10.3.1 to more and more devices.

That version comes with better Android compatibility and the Amazon Appstore for Android.
As you know LetMeTalk is also available in the Amazon AppStore, so it is now very easy now to run LetMeTalk on Blackberry devices :)

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