We just released version 1.4.29 on the Google Playstore. It contains a mostly bugfixes (X86, Cantonese, Change position and so on), so if you had problems in the past just give this version another try.


We are very proud to announce the 1.4.10 version of LetMeTalk for iOS, which brings a lot of new features like "change position", sending messages with messengers or an age filter. Read this article for a more details description.

We just uploaded the new Version of LetMeTalk for Android to Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

This time we added a few new features and some bugfixes.See this article for a list of them

We are proud, happy and grateful to announce, that we reached the "50.000 downloads" badge on the Google PlayStore, showing that we are one of the leading apps in the Android AAC area.
Thank you all for using LetMeTalk, supporting us with donations, good reviews and suggesting it to others in need.

After a lot of work during the during christmas days we are now proud to announce LetMeTalk for Android1.4, which contains a lot of new features and several bugfixes.

Below we list the changes including a small description

External buttons can help people, who do not only have problems to speak but also do have limited motoric functionality, so they have difficulties to use the large touch screen or choose the right pictogram. With such a button, LetMeTalk can be used, even if someone is only able to use one finger.

In this article we describe how to use external buttons or keyboards with LetMeTalk on Android.

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