After a lot of work during the during christmas days we are now proud to announce LetMeTalk for Android1.4, which contains a lot of new features and several bugfixes.

Below we list the changes including a small description

1. The sentence can be send via Messenger apps

You can now send your sentence to another person via a Messenger app of your choice. This makes it possible to use LetMeTalk to communicate with others even when they are not nearby.

If supported by the choosen Software you can send both, the Text and the images!

1.1. Settings

In the Settings you can disable this feature "Select Messenger" if you do not want the client to use this feature.

Or you set it to "Chooser", which displays a list of installed app, which might use your message. In most cases this will be an instant messenger, but it can also be software like Google Drive, which stores the images to the cloud.

In most cases you will just select your favourite Messenger. This will make sure you need at least one step less before sending the message and avoid to accidently choose the wrong app.

2. Spoken word is highlighted when speaking the sentence

When LetMeTalks speaks your sentence, we now highlight the spoken word with a light green color. This makes it easier for your client to follow the sentence.

3. "Change Position" is now animated

When you reorder the positions of the items with "Change Position", we now show a "cool" animation which makes it easier for you to select the choosen position.

4. UI for Cantonese is now translated to traditional chinese

We ship with the next step in cantonese support. Now the UI and the categories of the pre shipped categories are translated to Cantonese and are written in traditional chinese letters. Thanks to Sherman for his work.

5. Bugfixes

We fixed a bug where under certain conditions the old configuration was overwritten after an update. There should be less problems with updates now. Anyway, make always sure, that your profile is stored on a save position.

We also fixed the top crash bugs.



# deMARC 2016-01-06 18:26
it crash every time and can not move pictures nor categories.
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# Jens 2016-01-06 19:20
Quoting deMARC:
it crash every time and can not move pictures nor categories.

Hello DeMarc,

sorry to hear that!
I already uploaded an update (1.4.1) which fixes all crashes which were reported so far... It should be available already or very soon!
One of the problems was when moving pictures (probably strange timing).
I never saw it here so I can not say if it works now. If the 1.4.1 still crashes, can you please write if you do anything special when moving images?
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# Jens 2016-01-15 18:39

crash is now fixed for real.
There was no reported crash in the latest version in the last 24h in this part of the app :)


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# Parreira 2016-09-30 18:43
Je ne peux plus créer des images dans les catégories!!Help
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# Jens 2016-09-30 19:11
Quoting Parreira:
Je ne peux plus créer des images dans les catégories!!Help

This sounds strange.
what exactly happens? What devices do you have?
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