In most cases the voices in LetMeTalk should "just work".

We need a working speech engine, an installed voice in the wanted language and in LetMeTalk voice must be enabled.

Since these conditions should be met on nearly all devices before you start LetMeTalk, the voice should "just work" in most cases.

This article shows you what to do if it is not that easy and the voice does not work.

The following text is written with an english device in mind, but it should be easy to use this in different languages as well.

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1. Short version

1. Use the VoiceHelper Tool and follow its instructions.

2. Make sure you have a Text-to-Speech engine running

3. Make sure that the voice data files for your language are installed

4. Make sure that the voice is enabled in LetMeTalk

5. Make sure that the volume is loud enough.

If thats too short, you need to read the long version...


2. Long Version: What to do, if LetMeTalk is still not talking?


2.1. Start with some Basics

2.1.2. The VoiceHelper Tool

In the Android Version of LetMeTalk we added a the VoiceHelper Tool, which helps you to fix most common problems in a very easy way.

The VoiceHelper Tool checks for the several reasons, why the voice might not work and offers you an easy solution.


2.1.3. How to restart LetMeTalk

In some cases the changes you do get only active after a restart of LetMeTalk. Since the app might be hidden in the background it is hard to tell if the app is really closed or not and if the changes have been applied.

In the bottom of the screen you should find icons for "Back", "Home" and "App List". In some cases this migh be even external buttons.

Touch the "App List" button, and a list of the currently active apps should appear. Roll to LetMeTalk and swype it to the left, out of the screen. You now closed LetMeTalk.

Now start the app again by clicking on the LetMeTalk icon.


2.1.4. How to reach the LetMeTalk Settings

To open the LetMeTalk settings, you have to open the menu where you can chose "Settings".

On some older phones you find a menu button to archive this. On most newer phones you find in the upper right corner an icon with 3 vertical points. Click this.

Once you reach that menu, click on "Settings".


2.1.5. How to reach the Android Settings

Open the list of your installed apps. Click on the icon for the "Settings" app.


2.2. Make sure you have a "Text to Speech engine" enabled


2.2.1. Settings

Go to the LetMeTalk Settings and look at the text describing the "Enable voice" option. It should end with the text "Engine: name.of.some.engine".

If the name of some engine is given, you are fine :)

If there is no engine name written, you should install the Google Text-to-speech Engine (or some other one) from the PlayStore, load the voice files for your languages and restart LetMeTalk.


2.2.2. The Google Speech Engine or some other engine?

The Google Speech engine is the default speech engine on most devices. It now supports a lot of languages and the quality is "good enough" in most cases.

There are other speech engines, as you can see on our "voices" tutorial. Some of them sound more natural and they might support other languages than the Google Text-to-speech engine. So you might want to give them a try.

Please note that some of these commercial speech engines require you to pay a small fee for each language you need. But if you only need one language, the price should be OK.


2.2.3. If you want to use the Google Text to Speech Engine

Even if you have the Google Speech engine installed on your device, download the latest version from the Appstore.

This makes sure that you get updates for it like new features, bug fixes or new languages.


2.2.4. Change Settings for your Text to Speech Engine

 Please start the Android Settings.

Now go to "Settings -> Personal -> Language and Input -> Text-to-speech output". Here you can activate the speech engine of your choice.


2.3. Make sure you have the right voice files installed


2.3.1. Settings

Go to the LetMeTalk Settings and click on "Download additional voice files".

Now choose the language and voice files and make sure it is downloaded (it has a trash icon beside it). Otherwise download the wanted voice.

If this way does not work, please go to the Android Settings and go to "Settings -> Personal -> Language and Input -> Text-to-speech output" and click on the "Settings" button beside your preferred Engine. Now click on "Install voice data" and follow the instructions on your screen.

Please note, that each speech engine has its own voice files, so when you change the Text-to-Speech engine you must download new voice files.


2.3.2. My language is not offered for downloading

Not every Speech engine supports every language. If your current Text-to-Speech engine does not support your language, you need to change the engine.

Please look at the table in our "Voices" tutorial and choose a Text-to-speech engine which supports your language. If you want to download this Engine, just click on the name of the Text-to-speech engine at the top of the table to go directly to the Google PlayStore.


2.4. LetMeTalk speaks the wrong dialect

In some cases you do not only want to have the right language, but you want it to be spoken in a specific way. For example English is spoken different in the UK, North America or India, Chinese is spoken different in Cantonese or Mandarin.

For this please make sure you have the latest version of your Text-to-Speech engine installed and the right voice file installed.


If it still don't work as expected, make sure your device is set to the right country.

Start the Android Settings and go to "Language & Input -> Language" and choose the right version of your language. Restart LetMeTalk to apply the change.


2.5. I have the Speech engine and voice files, but my language is not offered in LetMeTalk

We currently do not support all languages in the world, so yours might not be supported (yet).

Go to the LetMeTalk Settings and click on "Choose language -> Other languages -> your language". This should set the speech engine to your language, so if you click at some images it should sound like someone in your language is reading it.

Now prepare the categories with the categories and words you want to be spoken. Click long on each word / category and choose "Rename category" / "Rename image" and enter the translated text in your language. When you click on the translated image, it should be spoken in your language.

Once you finished translating all words / categories, go to "LetMeTalk Settings -> Backups / Profiles -> Save profile" and store the profile (your translated collection of categories and words).

If you click on the "Share" Icon beside your profile, you can send it to other devices or your PC. Maybe you should upload it to our forum, and tell others to download it?

A different but better path is to translate the app into your language. This is quite some work, but if you are willing to do it, just contact us!


2.6. Make sure, "enable voice" is activated

Go into the LetMeTalk settings.

Make sure that the "Enable voice" option is enabled.


2.7. Make sure, the volume is loud enough

When LetMeTalk should talk but doesn't, try to make it louder. Maybe it works now...

Sometimes it is as simple as that ;)


2.8. LetMeTalk talks too Fast / too Slow

 Please start the Android Settings.

Now go to "Settings -> Personal -> Language and Input -> Speech -> Text-to-speech output -> Speech rate".

Here you now set the speed LetMeTalk is talking.


2.9. I have only voice when I am connected to Wifi / The Internet

You need to download the voice files for your languages. As a plus the quality of the voice might improve too :)

Please look at Make sure you have the right voice files installed

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  1. Ben

It is not working now, even I have installed the Google the and set Cantonese as default now. It was working a month before, we don't know it is letmetalk or Google the problem now. We need this for our student, would you please help us for the Cantonese tts?...

It is not working now, even I have installed the Google the and set Cantonese as default now. It was working a month before, we don't know it is letmetalk or Google the problem now. We need this for our student, would you please help us for the Cantonese tts? Thanks.

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